Sprawling Native Garden, 

The brief for this 1acre property was to create a native inspired garden that was low maintenance, had no lawn, was open and easily accessible, and would not block the mountain views to the north.

The site was handed over to me 'nude' so to speak apart from 2 trees and a very large, newly built house. The ideas was to get the garden to out-scale the house and ground it into it's surroundings. 

While Gippsland if famous for it's fertile volcanic soils, we were left with a lot of subsurface clay left on the surface from the digging of the house site and septic. There was also very poor drainage in some areas due to intermittent run-off from the property above. These issues we rectified with tonnes (literally tonnes) of compost and fast breaking mulch. The final constraint was a relatively small budget relative to the size of the garden. This was overcome by using local materials such as road sand for paths, and planting tubestock where possible.​


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